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Mansome - Overview

Genre:   Documentary, Historical  
Opened: May 18, 2012     Run Time: 1hr 24min  
Cast: Morgan Spurlock   Will Arnett  Jason Bateman   Zach Galifianakis        
Director: Morgan Spurlock   
Producer: Morgan Spurlock   Jeremy Chillnick   Meri Haitkin   Michael Rushton
Executive Producer: Will Arnett   Jason Bateman   Ben Silverman  
Mansome: From America's greatest beardsman, to Morgan Spurlock's own mustache, Executive Producers Will Arnett, Jason Bateman and Ben Silverman bring us a hilarious look at men's identity in the 21st century. Models, actors, experts and comedians weigh in on what it is to be a man in a world where the definition of masculinity has become as diverse as a hipster's facial hair in Williamsburg. The hilarious follicles of men's idiosyncratic grooming habits a... Read More
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Theatrical Distributor: Paladin
Production Company: Electus
Production Company: Warrior Poets
Production Company: DumbDumb
5 star rating 5
One of the newer efforts from semi-sterling documentary director Morgan Spurlock, Mansome is certainly one of his lesser efforts, reflected in its universal pan...
5 star rating 5
it's amusing but also really really frustrating. close to a 3, but i just got a bad taste in my mouth about it's heteronormativity.