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CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS   for Mar 24, 2018
Age 40
Biography: Armed with a natural flair for intensity, Israeli-American actor Amir Arison was tailor made for a career in the crime drama genre. Following an academic career lined with numerous stage performances, Arison took to film and television, making particular splashes on series like "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" (NBC 1999-) and "Homeland" (Showtime 2011-). Arison's biggest role came with the program "The Blacklist" (NBC 2013-), which put his talents to their best use by casting Arison as an FBI agent. Amir Arison was born on March 24, 1978 in St. Louis, Missouri. Following graduation from...
Louie Anderson
Age 65
Biography: Louie Anderson was an American comedian, author, TV host and actor, who in 2016 won an Emmy Award for his supporting role as the well-meaning mother Christine Baskets on FX's dark comedy "Baskets" (FX, 2016- ). Born and raised in a huge family in Saint Paul,...
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Steve McQueen
Deceased: Nov 07, 1980
Biography: A brooding performer with a rebellious streak and a proclivity for speed, actor Steve McQueen forever changed the definition of the Hollywood leading man with roles as quiet, but tough protagonists who sought their own methods outside the bounds of authority....
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Curtis Hanson
Deceased: Sep 20, 2016
Biography: A former high school dropout who became a photographer and editor at Cinema magazine, writer-director Curtis Hanson honed his filmmaking skills by writing screenplays for low-budget horror flicks before directing eventually Oscar-caliber films. As with...
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Jessica Chastain
Age 41
Biography: With her piercing gaze and a commanding presence, it came as no surprise that Jessica Chastain went from being a relative newcomer to acting in high-profile roles opposite seasoned actors like Brad Pitt and Helen Mirren seemingly overnight. The classically...
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Robert Carradine
Age 64
Biography: Part of an American acting dynasty that included father John, brothers David and Keith, as well as daughter Ever, Robert Carradine established himself in a number of memorable projects. After making a promising feature film debut opposite John Wayne in "The...
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Lara Flynn Boyle
Age 48
Biography: An old-style Hollywood star who made her name both in film and on television, actress Lara Flynn Boyle cultivated an image that was confident and sometimes crass, harkening back to the strong independent women of cinema from yesteryear like Bette Davis,...
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Kelly LeBrock
Age 58
Biography: When Kelly LeBrock was 16 years old, she followed in her mother's footsteps and became a fashion model. She was extremely successful, representing high-fashion labels like Christian Dior, and becoming recognized as the face of Pantene shampoo. Her modeling...
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Jim Parsons
Age 45
Biography: Thanks to the intense popularity of nerds in entertainment culture, Emmy-winning actor Jim Parsons emerged as the poster boy of geek chic with his winning portrayal of Sheldon Cooper on "The Big Bang Theory" (CBS, 2007- ). Prior to this career-defining role,...
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Megyn Price
Age 47
Biography: Though not a household name, actress Megyn Price was one of the more familiar faces in the world of television sitcoms. A gifted student with a mind for figures, Price initially embarked on a career in finance before making the jump to acting. Her television...
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Michelle Harrison
Age 43
Biography: Born in Puyallup, Washington, in 1975, Michelle Harrison made her screen debut in 1999 and never stopped working. Beginning near the turn of the century, Harrison appeared in supporting roles in a number of TV series, including "Dead Man's Gun" (Showtime,...
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Patrick Malahide
Age 73
Biography: Born into an Irish family, actor Patrick Malahide was educated at the Douai School by Benedictine monks. He began acting at the school and quickly found work in the theater; in the early 1970s, he performed in many classic plays, making a special impression...
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Jud Tylor
Age 39
Biography: Canadian actress and model Jud Tylor got her start playing a secretary in a 1999 episode of the sci-fi crime series "Viper". The year 2001 alone serves as an accurate measure of Tylor's versatility: she appeared in the romantic comedy-drama "Suddenly Naked",...
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Lake Bell
Age 39
Biography: An intelligent, appealingly offbeat American actress, Lake Bell earned her dramatic training in England before making the leap to the small screen with such projects as "War Stories" (NBC, 2003) opposite Jeff Goldblum and "Miss Match" (NBC, 2003) opposite...
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Alyson Hannigan
Age 44
Biography: Often playing socially awkward but ultimately lovable characters, actress Alyson Hannigan carved a niche for herself in some of the more popular television and film franchises of the day. After making her film debut in the Dan Aykroyd comedy "My Stepmother Is...
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Peter Jacobson
Age 53
Biography: A much-employed character actor, Peter Jacobson has used his average-guy looks to great advantage in getting steady quality work both in feature films and on television. The son of Chicago news anchor Walter Jacobson, Peter Jacobson made his first appearance...
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Finn Jones
Age 30
Biography: Some people don't want to be pigeonholed in roles or genres, but Finn Jones made his early mark in both horror and fantasy while finding a way to get out from the shadow of a similarly-named actor. Jones, who was born on March 24, 1988 had the birth name of...
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Charlie Creed-Miles
Age 46
Biography: Charlie Creed-Miles was an actor who was familiar with the qualities it takes to bring a drama to the big screen. Creed-Miles began his acting career in film, appearing in such titles as the Justin Chadwick drama "London Kills Me" (1992), "The Punk and the...
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Lauren Bowles
Age 45
Biography: Lauren Bowles, an accomplished actress, began her entertainment career when she was just 16 years old. She also appeared in the TV movie "The Uninvited" (CBS, 1996-97). She also worked in film during these years, including roles in the Brendan Fraser smash...
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Tyler Lepley
Age 33
Biography: Tyler Lepley was an American actor born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on March 24, 1985. He played football in high school and at Kutztown University, until his career was ended by a fight with another player and he was convicted with a misdemeanor. This gave...
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