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CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS   for May 29, 2017
Age 70
Biography: Arguably the most popular male soap opera star in the history of the medium, Anthony Geary broke the mold of a typical soap character when he first breathed life into his controversial Luke Spencer on the hit daytime drama, "General Hospital" (ABC, 1963- ). Tall, somewhat gaunt, with pale, almost pasty skin and frizzy dark blond hair, Geary seemed odd fodder for leading man heartthrob status, yet he earned it in the afternoons. He joined "GH" in 1978 as a less-than-savory hitman, but within two years he was on the run with his true love Laura (Genie Francis), in not only one of the most...
Josef Von Sternberg
Deceased: Dec 22, 1969
Biography: Once considered one of Hollywood's premier directors during the 1930s, Josef von Sternberg was mainly remembered for his seven films with German actress Marlene Dietrich. But his main contributions were actually to the language of film, particularly his...
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Lisa Whelchel
Age 54
Biography: A confident, charismatic actress, Lisa Whelchel went from "The New Mickey Mouse Club" (syndicated, 1977-79) to teen stardom on "The Facts of Life" (NBC, 1979-1988). Playing the conceited but ultimately kind-hearted rich girl Blair Warner, Whelchel struck...
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Carmelo Anthony
Age 32
Biography: For more than a decade, Carmelo Anthony set the bar for excellence in scoring as a member of both the Denver Nuggets and New York Knicks. Born Carmelo Kyam Anthony on May 29, 1985 in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, he lost his namesake...
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Kevin Conway
Age 75
Biography: Showing a diverse range on stage and usually cast as tough guys and working blokes on TV and film, Conway has been toiling for more than 25 years in all three media, becoming one of those faces people recognize on the street, but whose name may prove elusive....
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Peter Chernin
Age 66
Biography: Peter Chernin entered the entertainment industry from the world of publishing, where he was a publicist at St. Martin's Press and an editor at Warner Books. He became an executive at the David Gerber Company, where he oversaw the production of over 100 hours...
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David Burtka
Age 42

David Burtka - equal parts actor and chef - was most famously known as the husband of actor Neil Patrick Harris. Born in Dearborn, MI on May 29, 1975, Burtka began acting at the Interlochen Center for the Arts and later graduated from the University...
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Michael O'Neill
Age 66
Biography: Character actor Michael O'Neill gathered a quite formidable track record of television and film credits after his first onscreen job in 1981. Yet neither his face nor his name are widely-known, with his reputation resting upon a stock in trade of upright,...
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Riley Keough
Age 28
Biography: Legacy is prevalent even if it doesn't match your last name, as Riley Keough knows well. Keough was the daughter of Lisa Marie Presley, meaning her grandfather was the superstar Elvis Presley. While her mother remained in the headlines throughout her youth,...
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Bob Hope
Deceased: Jul 27, 2003
Biography: Over the course of a career that spanned more than 60 years, actor-comedian- humanitarian-noted golf enthusiast, Bob Hope came to be regarded as not only a legendary entertainer, but a veritable American institution. Getting his start on the vaudeville...
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Maika Monroe
Age 24
Biography: It might seem natural that a blonde born as close to Los Angeles as Maika Monroe would gravitate towards a career in Hollywood. However, before she hit the big screen, the Santa Barbara native was pursuing a very different career -kiteboarding. Monroe...
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Melanie Brown
Age 42
Biography: Immortalized forever as "Scary Spice" or "Mel B," Melanie Brown was one of the founding members of the Spice Girls, the world's most successful girl group of all time. Championing "Girl Power" and British pride, the Spice Girls scored a No. 1 hit with...
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Adrian Paul
Age 58
Biography: A heroic leading man who has vaulted to international stardom as the star of the syndicated TV series "The Highlander" (1992-98), the darkly handsome Adrian Paul has been able to use his background as a dancer and choreographer in the role of Duncan MacLeod,...
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Annette Bening
Age 59
Biography: Revered by film directors for her ability to take characters into deep, unexpected, emotional places, Annette Bening was a Tony-nominated stage actress before parlaying her dramatic intensity into award-worthy film performances. Early in her movie career, she...
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Danny Elfman
Age 64
Biography: Because he hailed from the annals of rock music and was never a classically trained musician, Danny Elfman struggled to gain acceptance among his peers on the road to becoming one of Hollywood's most prolific and respected film composers. Elfman began his...
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Wayne Duvall
Age 59
Biography: Though not quite as famous or decorated as his cousin Robert, Wayne Duvall has nonetheless enjoyed a successful career mostly as a character actor. Somewhat of a late bloomer, Duvall got his first acting job in 1991 on an episode of the Andy Griffith legal...
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Julie Cobb
Age 70
Biography: Actress Julie Cobb has worked in television since the 1960s, with an occasional movie here and there. She is the daughter of legendary stage and screen actor Lee J. Cobb, who originated the role of Willy Loman on Broadway in the 1949 Elia Kazan staging of...
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Anita Briem
Age 35
Biography: In 2008, Anita Briem became one of Iceland's hottest exports as a model-attractive actor with the range to play both demure flower of courtly love and skilled action hero. She initially worked as a child actor in numerous Icelandic media and, after studying...
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Jay Paulson
Age 39
Biography: Jay Paulson's success as an actor began when he was a mere 15 years old. In the beginning of his acting career, Paulson starred in comedies like the Jennifer Love Hewitt film "Can't Hardly Wait" (1998) and "Go" (1999) with Katie Holmes. He also appeared in...
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Brandon Smith
Age 28
Biography: Brandon Smith has built an incredible presence on the big screen throughout his acting career. Smith began his acting career appearing in various films, such as the Gene Hackman dramatic comedy "Full Moon in Blue Water" (1988), the biopic "Blaze" (1989)...
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