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CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS   for May 24, 2018
Age 46
Biography: Prolific writer-producer Greg Berlanti was responsible for some of the most thoughtful and heartfelt television comedies and dramas of the late '90s and early 2000s, including "Jack and Bobby" (The WB 2004-05), "Everwood" (The WB 2002-06) and "Brothers & Sisters" (ABC 2006-2011), as well as the rousing action-fantasy show "Arrow" (The CW 2012- ). Born May 24, 1972 in Rye, New York, Berlanti earned his degree from Northwestern University before heading west to write and produce for the WB's young adult juggernaut series "Dawson's Creek" (The WB 1998-2003). From there, he struck up a business...
Tracy McGrady
Age 39
Biography: Also known by his nickname "T-Mac," Tracy McGrady was an accomplished basketball player, appearing in seven NBA All-Star games and the 2004 Summer Olympics. He was born on May 24, 1979, in Bartow, Fla., and was raised by his mother and grandmother. He played...
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Jim Broadbent
Age 69
Biography: Revered British character actor Jim Broadbent became one of the most prolific and diverse talents in film and television with award-winning performances on both sides of the Atlantic. Early work on the stages of London with director Mike Leigh and film...
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Doug Jones
Age 58
Biography: Doug Jones is one of the top actors in a very small Hollywood niche of professionals that specialize in performing in heavy make-up and costumes. His training as a mime and his wispy, easily contorted physique make him well suited for the task. Jones got into...
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Roger Deakins
Age 69
Biography: After starting out his career in documentaries, Roger Deakins became one of the few elite cinematographers of his generation, thanks in large part to his routine collaborations with filmmakers Joel and Ethan Coen. Ever since his Oscar-nominated camerawork on...
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Alfred Molina
Age 65
Biography: Ever since his emergence from the British stage, actor Alfred Molina carved out a prominent career as a chameleon-like character actor who occasionally emerged in leading man roles. After climbing the traditional ladder of British theatrical aspiration,...
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Dwight Myers
Deceased: Nov 08, 2011
Biography: As one of the most popular and influential rappers of the 1990s, Heavy D earned both respect and popularity in the music world with equal parts accessibility and integrity. He translated that appeal to become a highly watchable onscreen presence, slowly...
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James Cosmo
Age 70
Biography: When you want an imposing, tough guy figure in your movie, James Cosmo is one of the leading go-to actors. He is beloved by Scottish audiences for his work in front of the camera but also for his tireless job promoting the country as a viable location for...
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Ricky Mabe
Age 35
Biography: Ricky Mabe, a Canadian-born actor, found success in the Hollywood movie scene, starring in a variety of films throughout his Hollywood career. In 1995, he made TV voice-acting debut on the Canadian cartoon show "The Little Lulu Show." Mabe began his acting...
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Billy Sullivan
Age 38
Biography: Billy L Sullivan launched his acting career at the tender age of six. He also appeared in the TV movie "My Father, My Son" (CBS, 1987-88). He had a part on the television special "Circus" (ABC, 1986-87). He worked in television in his early acting career as...
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John Reilly
Age 53
Biography: Oscar and Tony-nominated actor John C. Reilly earned his stellar reputation with supporting roles in respected dramas like "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" (1993) and "Georgia" (1995), before a string of work with Paul Thomas Anderson - "Hard Eight" (1996),...
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Cayden Boyd
Age 24
Biography: Child star Cayden Boyd's acting career began in earnest after he landed a small part in Oscar-winner Clint Eastwood's detective drama "Mystic River" (2003). He then made brief appearances in two films with actor-comedian Ben Stiller: the sports comedy...
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Thomas Langmann
Age 47
Biography: At only nine years old, French actor and producer Thomas Langmann started his film career. He appeared alongside two giants of the business, Catherine Deneuve and Gerard Depardieu, in 1980's "Je Vous Aime," a film directed and co-written by his famous father,...
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Patti LaBelle
Age 74
Biography: An R&B diva for over four decades, Patti LaBelle's multi-octave voice, which could soar from a funky roar to an ear-piercing soprano within the same song, was the anchor behind a string of chart-topping hits as both a member of Labelle and a solo act in the...
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Cecilia Cheung
Age 38
Biography: After rising to fame early, Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung nearly had her career destroyed by a sex scandal. Raised in Hong Kong and Australia, Cheung had her big career break with a commercial for Lipton Tea that attracted the attention of legendary comic...
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Jerod Mixon
Age 37
Biography: Given his incredibly large proportions, it's perhaps no surprise that Jerod Mixon is known for playing funny obese characters in mainstream comedies. Mixon got his start in the late '90s, appearing in guest starring roles in a number of sitcoms, including...
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Owen Benjamin
Age 38
Biography: Owen Benjamin was an accomplished actor, noted for his comedic timing in his roles for television shows. Benjamin kickstarted his acting career appearing on various television sitcoms, including "Comedy Central Presents..." (Comedy Central, 1998-2011) and...
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Jadon Sand
Age 15
Biography: Born in California in 2003, Jadon Sand was in front of a camera before he was in elementary school. His first network television appearance was in a 2010 episode of "How I Met Your Mother" (CBS, 2005-2014), followed by a small guest spot on "Private Practice"...
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Thomas Chong
Age 80
Biography: One-half of the popular counterculture comedy duo Cheech and Chong, Tommy Chong was a stand-up comic, actor and director whose stage and screen persona - a deeply narcotized but philosophical stoner, usually named "Man" - was the yin to Richard Marin's...
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Rosanne Cash
Age 63
Biography: Rosanne Cash worked in a variety of genres and built up a diverse and reputable career. A regular on the awards show circuit, she made an appearance on "The 19th Annual Country Music Association Awards" (1985-86). She appeared in a number of television...
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