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CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS   for Apr 23, 2017
Age 68
Biography: A feisty brunette with a knack for light comedy and musicals, Joyce DeWitt rose to fame in the mid-1970s as Janet Wood, the headstrong and seemingly normal roommate of John Ritter and Suzanne Somers' odd trio on the innuendo-heavy sitcom, "Three's Company" (ABC, 1977-1984). A theater performer since childhood, she headed out to Los Angeles after college to make her way in show business, but struggled until landing her role on "Company." An acrimonious relationship with Somers lead to DeWitt abandoning Hollywood for the relative calm of the stage, where she remained for much of the next three...
David Birney
Age 78
Biography: Since his primetime debut in the early 1970s, this handsome, dark-haired TV actor has seemed to be on the brink of superstardom, but has had the ill fortune of never appearing on a hit series. David Birney was the toast of the Dartmouth College drama program...
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Craig Sheffer
Age 57
Biography: Strikingly if unconventionally handsome, Sheffer has had a spotty film career but tends to shine in TV-movies and miniseries. While appealing as affable "himbos" ("Babycakes" CBS, 1989) and cut-rate Cassanovas ("Sleep With Me" 1994; "Bloodknot" Showtime,...
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Jesse Soffer
Age 33
Biography: Emmy-nominated actor Jesse Lee Soffer successfully transitioned from juvenile roles in "The Brady Bunch Movie" (1995) and other projects to grittier characters as an adult, most notably his tough cop on "Chicago P.D." (NBC, 2014- ). Born April 23, 1984 in...
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Scott Bairstow
Age 47
Biography: Canadian Scott Bairstow has played wide-eyed young leads in a number of film and TV projects, first winning attention as Newt Call in the syndicated version of "Lonesome Dove: The Series" (1994-1996). In 1997, he had a shot to leap into the top rung of...
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John Cena
Age 40
Biography: Arguably one of the most popular figures in the world of professional wrestling at the dawn of the 21st century, John Cena combined extreme physical abilities with a flair for theatrics and chiseled good looks to become one of the unforgiving sport's few...
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Kal Penn
Age 40
Biography: Though he had a tough time breaking into Hollywood due to his ethnicity, actor Kal Penn - originally Kalpen Suresh Modi - managed for the most part to avoid playing stereotypical characters and to become a fast-rising Hollywood star. After spending several...
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Lee Majors
Age 78
Biography: A burgeoning heartthrob of 1960s television, Lee Majors would make it to the top of the world by the mid-1970s, earning a place in the pantheon of made-for-TV superheroes as "The Six Million Dollar Man" (ABC, 1974-78) and marrying arguably the most coveted...
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John Hannah
Age 55
Biography: Although he had planned to be an electrician, Scottish star John Hannah fell into acting after a friend recommended he give it a go. Following a few lean years, the unconventionally handsome Hannah impressed with his turn as a sensitive gay man in the...
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Roy Orbison
Deceased: Dec 06, 1988
Biography: A beloved and highly influential figure in pop and rock from the late 1950s until his extraordinary comeback in the late 1980s, Roy Orbison was a singer and songwriter possessed of a voice capable of projecting desire, loneliness and heartbreak on an operatic...
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James Russo
Age 64
Biography: One of Hollywood's most prolific character actors, James Russo specialized in playing thugs, gangsters and villains in everything from straight-to-video thrillers to major studio films. Following small but memorable turns in movies like "Fast Times at...
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Dev Patel
Age 27
Biography: Prior to 2007, Dev Patel was just another London teenager, albeit one with a passion for acting and tae kwon-do. But after landing a role on the controversial television series "Skins" (E4, 2007-13), he caught the attention of director Danny Boyle, who was...
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Blair Brown
Age 71
Biography: An intelligent, theatrically trained actress, Blair Brown already had an impressive list of credits by the time she achieved fame as the devoted wife of William Hurt in the bizarre "Altered States" (1980). She earned a Golden Globe nomination opposite John...
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Shirley Temple
Deceased: Feb 10, 2014
Biography: Shirley Temple emblazoned herself on the American cinema as something both otherworldly and accessible, a tiny angel sent to assuage the ills of mortal adults, as well as an archetype of the adorable, precocious moppet every parent wanted. Appearing in front...
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Michael Moore
Age 63
Biography: A gadfly to some; a godsend to others, documentary filmmaker Michael Moore succeeded in ticking off the right and galvanizing the left with his controversial, yet highly entertaining documentaries. Whether he was skewering a president taking a nation to war...
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James Hayter
Deceased: Mar 27, 1983
Biography: James Hayter was an actor who had a successful Hollywood career. Hayter began his acting career appearing in various films, such as the John Mills drama "The October Man" (1947), the dramatic period piece "Nicholas Nickleby" (1947) with Derek Bond and the...
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Joanna Krupa
Age 38
Biography: Once named the Sexiest Swimsuit Model in the World by Playboy, Joanna Krupa fast became as big of a hit on the Internet as she was gracing the covers of the biggest fashion magazines. Born on April 23, 1979 in Warsaw, Poland, Krupa moved to Chicago, IL, with...
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Jaime King
Age 38
Biography: Effervescent model Jaime King parlayed the palpable personality of her fashion shots into a spin-off career in film and television beginning in 2001, when she was seen in small but memorable roles in Michael Bays' "Pearl Harbor" (2001) and Ted Demme's "Blow"...
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John Oliver
Age 40
Biography: British-born entertainer John Oliver was a permanent resident of the United States, but beginning in 2001 he used his status as a national outsider to his advantage, poking fun at American political culture, government and myriad social issues, most notably...
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Melina Kanakaredes
Age 50
Biography: With her wavy brunette hair, piercing green eyes and expressive personality, Melina Kanakaredes has been winning fans since her 1991 breakout role as Greek immigrant Eleni Andros on CBS' daytime serial "Guiding Light." The Ohio-born former beauty contestant...
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