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CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS   for Nov 17, 2017
Deceased: Jan 09, 1995
Biography: Cited as "the funniest man who ever drew breath" by no less of an authority that actor-writer Stephen Fry, Peter Cook was the acerbic, absurdist father of modern British comedy, which he launched in 1960 with longtime partner Dudley Moore in the stage show "Beyond the Fringe," as well as a series of groundbreaking television series and recordings. Cook broke down the accepted model of comedy, tossing away joke structures and punch lines in favor of lengthy, improvised monologues built around bizarre characters and sketches that flowed into each other without reaching conclusions. In doing so,...
Tom Ellis
Age 39
Biography: Welsh actor Tom Ellis used his smoldering presence to excellent effect on television series in the United Kingdom and America, most notably "EastEnders" (BBC One, 1985- ) and "Lucifer" (Fox, 2016- ). Born Thomas John Ellis on November 17, 1978 in Cardiff,...
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Rock Hudson
Deceased: Oct 02, 1985
Biography: With his urbane charm, dashing good looks, and virile masculinity, Rock Hudson epitomized Hollywood's classic matinee idol image - used to great effect in many a romantic comedy in which he was often paired with the equally magnetic Doris Day. One of the most...
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Daisy Fuentes
Age 51
Biography: Daisy Fuentes made TV history in the late 1980s as the first person to do double duty as a veejay on both MTV and its Spanish-language sister network MTV Latino. The tall, attractive TV personality was born in Cuba and spent part of her formative years in...
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Rachel McAdams
Age 39
Biography: Canadian actress Rachel McAdams first came to the attention of U.S. audiences playing a pair of über-bitchy teen queens in both "The Hot Chick" (2004) and "Mean Girls" (2004). Thanks to those rather harsh characters, audiences were understandably surprised by...
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Gary Goldman
Age 73
Biography: Gary Goldman is a writer, director, and producer of animated features films. He famously became one of the "Disney Defectors" who left the company with Don Bluth to make their own animated features. In 1972, Goldman began working at Disney, where he met...
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Frank Spotnitz
Age 57
Biography: Born in Japan in 1960, Frank Spotnitz attended UCLA and edited the college newspaper, the Daily Bruin. He began working as a writer for the Asssociated Press, UPI, and Entertainment Weekly, before deciding he'd had enough of journalism and moved to Los...
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Mary Mastrantonio
Age 59
Biography: A gifted actress and singer, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio was blessed with a striking beauty and undeniable screen presence that brought her recognition alongside some of filmdom's biggest stars. After making her impressive, blood-soaked feature film debut in...
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Stephen Root
Age 66
Biography: A gifted and immensely likeable character actor, Stephen Root's staggering résumé crossed into multiple genres and mediums, despite the average viewer most likely knowing him more by face than by name. Root achieved his most prolific success with two roles:...
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Danny DeVito
Age 73
Biography: Despite his diminutive 5-foot frame, actor Danny DeVito loomed large on television and in features after his stint as the acerbic Louie De Palma on the classic sitcom, "Taxi" (ABC/NBC, 1978-1983). After gaining acclaim as the sex-obsessed mental patient...
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Frank Maxwell
Deceased: Aug 04, 2004
Biography: A regular presence in TV and film for generations, Frank Maxwell was never considered a star. But the countless perfomers for whom he advocated probably felt differently. The veteran character actor was national president of the American Federation of...
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Martin Scorsese
Age 75
Biography: Arguably one of the greatest directors of all time, Martin Scorsese made some of the most daring films in cinema history. His impressive body of work was a meditation on the visceral nature of violence and male relationships that often reflected his own...
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David Ramsey
Age 46
Biography: A dependable supporting player on television for nearly two decades, actor David Ramsey moved smoothly between drama and comedy in such popular series as "Dexter" (Showtime, 2006-13), "Blue Bloods" (CBS, 2010- ) and "Arrow" (The CW, 2012- ). He paid his dues...
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Sophie Marceau
Age 51
Biography: A sultry French actress, Sophie Marceau gained no small degree of popularity in her native country before earning wide exposure as the French Princess of Wales in Mel Gibson's Oscar-winning blockbuster, "Braveheart" (1995). Prior to her American breakthrough,...
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William Moses
Age 58
Biography: American actor William R. Moses gained fame in the '80s as a main character on the primetime soap "Falcon Crest" and in the film "Mystic Pizza". Born to actress Marian McCargo in Los Angeles, Moses found his niche early with a recurring role on the popular...
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Gordon Lightfoot
Age 79
Biography: Beginning in the mid-1960s, singer-songwriter Gordon Lightfoot became one of Canada's most celebrated entertainers, as well as one of the most successful figures on its vast folk music scene. Blessed with a warm, distinctive baritone voice and a talent for...
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Harry Lloyd
Age 34
Biography: At the age of 16, Harry Lloyd kickstarted his acting career. Lloyd's acting career began with roles in the series "MIT: Murder Investigation Team" (2002-05), "Doctor Who" (BBC, 2004-) and "Robin Hood" (BBC, 2006-2010). He had a part on the television...
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Evelyne Brochu
Age 35
Biography: A rising star with striking beauty, Évelyne Brochu proved herself capable of impressing audiences in dramatic and comedic roles alike. Born in 1983, Évelyne Brochu broke into the film industry with a small role as a pharmacist in "Cheech" (2006), a hard-edged...
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Brent Carver
Age 66
Biography: A former boy soprano, Brent Carver already was a well-established presence on stage in his native Canada when he won legions of new fans playing the role of Molina, the effeminate imprisoned window dresser, in the stage musical version of "Kiss of the Spider...
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Zoë Bell
Age 39
Biography: Though primarily a stuntwoman for most of her career, Zoë Bell branched out into acting in a number of films and on television, thanks to her ongoing friendship and collaboration with director Quentin Tarantino. Prior to working with Tarantino, Bell performed...
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