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CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS   for Sep 25, 2017
Age 33
Biography: A regular face in the period drama genre, actress Annabelle Wallis was perhaps best known for her roles as Queen of England Jane Seymour in historical epic "The Tudors" (Showtime, 2007-2010), MI6 agent/air stewardess Bridget Pierce in one-season wonder "Pan Am" (ABC, 2011-12) and barmaid Grace Burgess in the gritty post-World War I series "Peaky Blinders" (BBC1, 2013- ). Born in Oxford, England in 1984, Wallis spent the first 17 years of her life in Portugal where she attended an English-speaking school with children from 50 different nationalities. After moving to London to attend drama...
Maria Kennedy
Age 53
Biography: Actress Maria Doyle Kennedy was born in 1964 in Clontarf, Ireland - a suburb of Dublin - before moving with her family to Enniscorthy and then finally settling in Bray. She took to singing early on in life, but never considered it to be a career - let alone a...
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Age 41
Biography: Formerly an A&R rep, Santigold then moved from behind the scenes and into the spotlight as a genre-hopping singer-songwriter and prolific collaborator inspired by everyone from Fela Kuti to Aretha Franklin. Born in Philadelphia, PA in 1976, Santi White double...
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Zach Woods
Age 33
Biography: From playing the manager of a group of hapless software programmers to honing his funny bone in front of audiences night after night in New York's comedy club circuit, Zach Woods was a man who understood funny. While he may have evolved as a comedic actor for...
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Michael Douglas
Age 73
Biography: Actor and producer Michael Douglas enjoyed great success by avoiding the heroic leading-man archetype by creating smart, flawed, sympathetically human characters. His popularity grew through several star-making hits, including "Romancing the Stone" (1984),...
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Will Smith
Age 49
Biography: With relentless energy and boundless charisma, rapper-turned-acclaimed actor Will Smith transformed himself from his early hip-hop persona The Fresh Prince to become both an Oscar-nominated performer and one of the biggest blockbuster action stars of all...
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Jordan Gavaris
Age 28
Biography: While Jordan Gavaris came from a fertile acting area, he didn't seriously pursue acting until he was seventeen. With one teacher's discouragement, Gavaris put his acting ambitions on the back burner, but following the right encouragement from the right...
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Christopher Reeve
Deceased: Oct 10, 2004
Biography: For a world filled with comic book fans, Christopher Reeve had for years been the definitive Superman. For thousands suffering with paralysis and spinal cord injuries, in one tragic moment, he morphed suddenly from an actor perfectly cast onscreen, to a...
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Barbara Walters
Age 88
Biography: Emmy winner Barbara Walters was a pioneering figure in the male-dominated world of network news in the 1960s and 1970s, who later emerged as an American broadcasting icon. A writer, researcher, producer and eventual on-air co-host of "The Today Show" (NBC,...
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David Benioff
Age 47
Biography: David Benioff rolled a nascent career as a novelist into that of a much-desired screenwriter of both blockbuster films and smaller, darker thrillers, before scoring a monster hit with his first venture into television as creator of the HBO series "Game of...
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Pedro Almodovar
Age 68
Biography: Arguably the most popular and important filmmaker to have emerged from Spain, director Pedro Almodovar forged a reputation as a sexual agent provocateur capable of eliciting both serious praise and unbridled revulsion. Reveling in the former and railing...
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Jamie Hyneman
Age 51
Biography: Jamie Hyneman worked on a variety of projects during his entertainment career. Hyneman worked on a variety of projects during his early entertainment career, including"Monkeybone" (2001) starring Brendan Fraser, "MythBusters: Christmas Special" (Discovery...
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Catherine Zeta-Jones
Age 48
Biography: Welsh-born actress Catherine Zeta-Jones captivated both U.S. audiences and one of film's most prominent leading men, establishing her as Hollywood royalty seemingly overnight. Following more than a decade's worth of work on the stages of Britain, Zeta-Jones...
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Matt Battaglia
Age 52
Biography: In his youth, Matt Battaglia was a successful athlete; in high school, he was the captain of both the wresting and football team. He went on to attend university on a football scholarship, and from there to play professionally in the National Football League....
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Mark Hamill
Age 66
Biography: While most artists strove to hone a single craft and spend their lives inhabiting that one world, actor Mark Hamill navigated a universe that went from feature films to television and voiceovers for video games. Most significantly, Hamill portrayed one of the...
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Anson Williams
Age 68
Biography: He may have created one of the most durable secondary characters in sitcom history, but Anson Williams made his greatest contribution behind the camera as one of television's most prolific episodic directors. Williams's professional future was ensured in the...
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Michael Madsen
Age 59
Biography: A legitimate tough guy who made a name for himself playing gun-toting psychopaths, actor Michael Madsen-brother to Oscar-nominated actress Virginia Madsen-demonstrated his versatility throughout his career by playing a wide-range of roles, including a...
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Jack Bender
Age 68
Biography: Though he would eventually become an extremely prosperous prime-time producer and director, Jack Bender began his career in the early 1970s as an actor. Small contributions to eternally celebrated television staples such as "All in the Family" and "Mary Tyler...
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Juliet Prowse
Deceased: Sep 14, 1996
Biography: Juliet Prowse was an actress who had a successful Hollywood career. In 1995, she performed in a 10-week summer run of "Sugar Babies" in Las Vagas. In 1960, she appeared in "GI Blues" opposite Elvis Presley. In 1981, she starred in "Hey, Look Me Over!" in New...
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Heather Locklear
Age 56
Biography: An archetypical California blonde beauty, counter-balanced by a hint of danger, actress Heather Locklear became one of television's most bankable stars by appearing concurrently on not one, but two of producer-extraordinaire Aaron Spelling's most successful...
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