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CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS   for Feb 27, 2017
Age 46
Biography: Chilli's silky vocals added a dose of sensuality to the high-energy hits released by Grammy Award-winning group TLC. Along with Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes and Tionne 'T-Boz' Watkins, the Atlanta-born singer with the youthful and exuberant vibe debuted the single "Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg" (1992), which introduced the sassy trio's brightly colored outfits that matched their ready-to-party personalities to the world. Chilli's smooth vocals brought out a softer side to the group, which also showcased T-Boz's soulful swagger and Left Eye's rap-funk playfulness. The group's journey to the top hit a few...
Joan Bennett
Deceased: Dec 07, 1990
Biography: Personable, extremely pretty and prolific star of a wide range of films in the 1930s and 40s. Bennett began her film career as a demure blonde ingenue (e.g. in George Cukor's "Little Women" 1933, William K. Howard's breathtaking "The Trial of Vivienne Ware"...
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Adam Baldwin
Age 55
Biography: Handsome, strapping player of film and TV known for his portrayals of heavies. Baldwin was discovered by director Tony Bill while attending high school in Illinois, and was promptly cast as the title character in "My Bodyguard" (1980). That year he was also...
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Barbara Babcock
Age 80
Biography: Willowy, with an airy frame, but capable of projecting toughness as well as tightly-wound characters, Barbara Babcock was a "working actress" for two decades before a recurring guest role on "Hill Street Blues" in the early 1980s turned her into a TV star. On...
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Debra Monk
Age 68
Biography: An attractive, honey blonde actress and singer, Debra Monk first garnered attention in theatrical circles as one of the co-writers and co-stars of the cult musical "Pump Boys and Dinettes." While working as a waitress in NYC, the Maryland native began keeping...
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Richard Coyle
Age 45
Biography: Richard Coyle was an English character actor best known on the American side of the pond for his role in the BBC2 series "Coupling." Born February 27, 1972 in Sheffield, England, Coyle was the second youngest of five brothers. A job entertaining passengers...
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Van Williams
Deceased: Nov 28, 2016
Biography: Van Williams was an American actor born on February 27, 1934 in Fort Worth, Texas. After attending Texas Christian University and studying animal husbandry and business, Williams moved to Hawaii. There, he was working as a diving instructor when he was...
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Alan Fudge
Age 83
Biography: Best known for his role as Lou Dalton on the long-running family show "7th Heaven" , actor Alan Fudge studied theater at the University of Arizona and worked on Broadway before beginning his career in television. But Fudge almost chose music over acting,...
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Baltasar Kormakur
Age 51
Biography: Multitalented, multilingual filmmaker and actor Baltasar Kormakur ranks among Iceland's premier talent. After distinguishing himself as an actor in the '90s, Kormakur's directorial debut in 2000 proved a tour de force. An offbeat mother-son drama based on the...
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Donal Logue
Age 51
Biography: Though a stage-trained performer who had amassed numerous film and television credits, actor Donal Logue came into his own playing the obnoxious, but culturally enlightened Jimmy the Cabdriver in short interstitials on MTV during the mid-to-late-1990s. ...
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Joanne Woodward
Age 87
Biography: As half of perhaps one of the most successful husband and wife teams in Hollywood history, actress Joanne Woodward was widely acclaimed for her performances on stage and screen, oftentimes alongside husband Paul Newman. Married for 50 years, the couple...
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Grant Show
Age 55
Biography: A perennial actor who had his start on daytime soaps, Grant Show graduated to primetime on the 1990s phenomenon, "Melrose Place" (Fox, 1992-99), where his portrayal of motorcycle-loving Jake Hanson turned the previously unrecognized actor into a sensation....
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Elizabeth Taylor
Deceased: Mar 23, 2011
Biography: With the arguable exception of Marilyn Monroe, no other star from Hollywood's Golden Age exerted a more enduring hold on the public's imagination than the violet-eyed beauty, Elizabeth Taylor. For nearly 70 years, the press chronicled every element of...
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Kate Mara
Age 34
Biography: Though she grew up in a famous professional football household, actress Kate Mara turned to performing on stage and screen at an early age, leading her to become a professional before she had even graduated high school. Mara quickly amassed several credits on...
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Noah Emmerich
Age 52
Biography: After having his start on the stages of his native New York City, actor Noah Emmerich slowly, but surely rose to stardom as a prominent character actor who made a number of memorable appearances throughout his prolific career. Emmerich first broke through as...
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Josh Groban
Age 36
Biography: Music lovers around the world reveled in Josh Groban's voice, his pristine operatic baritone soaring on a number of hit albums that made dramatic orchestrations cool to listen to. The multiplatinum recording artist forever changed the musical landscape with...
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Tracey Ross
Age 58
Biography: Tracey Ross's acting career began when she was a mere 15 years old. She also starred in the TV movies "Braker" (ABC, 1984-85) and "Mayflower Madam" (CBS, 1987-88). At the time, she also appeared in movies like the comedy "Best Defense" (1984) with Dudley...
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John Ferguson
Age 53
Biography: Rugged Australian-born Canadian actor John Pyper-Ferguson established himself as a firm fan favorite within the updated "Battlestar Galactica" universe following an extensive career as a character actor specializing in playing manly men of the American West....
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Charlotte Stewart
Age 76
Biography: Actress Charlotte Stewart is one of the few people who has worked with David Lynch on both his early 1976 art film "Eraserhead" and the TV series that launched him into the mainstream, "Twin Peaks". In the former, she was Mary X and in the latter, which ran...
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Li Bingbing
Age 44
Biography: Once dubbed the most popular actress in her native China, Li Bingbing often portrayed fearless women in film and television projects. Whether she was playing a compassionate cop or a sword-wielding demon, Bingbing showcased her versatile acting range and...
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