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CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS   for Nov 23, 2017
Deceased: Feb 02, 1969
Biography: Arguably Hollywood's most celebrated and enduring screen horror icon, Boris Karloff embodied legendary movie monsters and madmen in such films as "Frankenstein" (1931), "The Mummy" (1931), "The Mask of Fu Manchu" (1932), "The Bride of Frankenstein" (1935), "Isle of the Dead" (1945) and "The Body Snatcher" (1945) over the course of a four-decade career. He began as an obscure background player, essaying exotic types in silent films and serials until 1931, when his sympathetic turn as the Monster in "Frankenstein" made him an international star. For the next two decades, Karloff was the...
Steve Landesberg
Deceased: Dec 20, 2010
Biography: A wry, observational comedian with a distinctively deep voice, Steve Landesburg rose to fame in the mid-1970s as Arthur Dietrich, the supernaturally intelligent detective on "Barney Miller" (ABC, 1975-1982). Meditatively calm, but never without a half-smile...
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Maxwell Caulfield
Age 58
Biography: With flawless "pretty boy" good looks, Caulfield has had to prove on stage that he is an actor while often being relegated on TV and in film to handsome second leads. He got the big Hollywood build up when he made his screen debut in the musical sequel...
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Miley Cyrus
Age 25
Biography: International pop culture phenomenon Miley Cyrus rocketed to fame almost instantly after being added to the Disney Channel's stable of wholesome teenage entertainers in 2006. As "Hannah Montana" (2006-2010), Cyrus won over tween audiences by playing a perky...
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Susan Anspach
Age 75
Biography: An attractive blonde, Susan Anspach began her career on stage in the groundbreaking musical "Hair". After a couple of other plays, she segued to features with a supporting role as Beau Bridges' sister in Hal Ashby's "The Landlord" (1970). Later that year, she...
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Salli Richardson-Whitfield
Age 50
Biography: Salli Richardson began her professional acting career in the theater at the Kuumba Workshop in Chicago and eventually moved to Los Angeles where she landed numerous guest roles on series such as "Silk Stalkings," Star Trek: Deep Space Nine," "New York...
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Vincent Cassel
Age 51
Biography: Often compared to a young Robert De Niro or Jean-Paul Belmondo, French actor Vincent Cassel earned acclaim for his intense portrayals of men struggling to contain the violence that seethed within them. The son of successful film actor Jean-Pierre Cassel,...
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Joe Eszterhas
Age 73
Biography: As one of the highest-paid and most notorious writers in 1990s Hollywood, Joe Eszterhas became that rare modern screenwriter who was able to lay claim to achieving auteur status. Eszterhas was less important for his talent - which some reviewers deemed rather...
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Age 45
Biography: Kurupt worked on a variety of projects during his entertainment career. Kurupt began his entertainment career with music features mostly in comedies like "The Players Club" (1998) with Ice Cube and Monica Calhoun and "Next Friday" (2000) with Ice Cube and...
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Kelly Brook
Age 38
Biography: A gorgeous model-actress and all-around good sport, Kelly Brook won over many fans with her grounded, self-deprecating view on her unique talents and fame. Born Nov. 23, 1979 in Rochester, Kent, England, Kelly Ann Parsons achieved fame as a teenage model,...
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John Dehner
Deceased: Feb 04, 1992
Biography: Tall, distinguished-looking character player usually cast as villains or humorless authority figures. Dehner began his career as an animation assistant at Walt Disney Studios, worked as an Army publicist during WWII and, as a Los Angeles radio news reporter,...
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Bruce Hornsby
Age 63
Biography: Bruce Hornsby brought his musical talents to a variety of films over the course of his Hollywood career. Hornsby began his entertainment career with his music featured in films like the drama "Making Love" (1982) with Michael Ontkean, the Michael Moore...
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Robin Roberts
Age 57
Biography: Acclaimed television news personality Robin Roberts first broke ground as the first African-American host of ESPN's long-running "SportsCenter" (1979- ) before gaining even higher esteem as the host of ABC's "Wide World of Sports" (ABC, 1961-1998) and later...
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Ricky Whittle
Age 36
Biography: Born in Oldham, England in 1981, Ricky Whittle attended Southampton University, but his aspiration to get into law was sidetracked when he became a successful model, serving as the face of Reebok in 2000. His first role as an actor on screen came in 2002 as a...
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Chris Hardwick
Age 46
Biography: In many ways, Chris Hardwick personified the "zero-to-hero" story arc that so many video games and comic book plotlines were based on. As a young man, Hardwick was the typical high school geek who preferred role-playing board games to working in front of...
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Oded Fehr
Age 47
Biography: Tall, dark and exotically handsome, actor Oded Fehr made a career for himself most often playing dashing heroes, mysterious saviors and loyal soldiers. The Israeli-born actor first turned moviegoers' heads as the intimidating Ardeth Bey, keeper of the secret...
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Robert Towne
Age 83
Biography: Despite four Oscar-nominated screenplays, writer Robert Towne owed much of his reputation to his prowess as a pinch hitter, earning considerable respect as one of Hollywood's preeminent script doctors on a wide array of famous works like "Bonnie and Clyde"...
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Paul Maslansky
Age 84
Biography: A veteran Hollywood producer, Paul Maslansky has ha an eclectic career. He entered showbiz as a trumpet player with a number of bands in his native Manhattan. After a sojourn in radio advertising sales, Maslansky moved to Europe where her served as an...
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Danny Hoch
Age 47
Biography: Danny Hoch's acting talents were showcased on the big screen many times throughout the course of his Hollywood career. In 1994, he starred in his second one-man show "Some People," filmed for HBO. In 1991, he performed his first solo stage show, "Pot...
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Robert Easton
Deceased: Dec 16, 2011
Biography: Robert Easton was an actor who had a successful Hollywood career. Easton's career in acting began with his roles in various films like "Cause For Alarm" (1951), "Drums in the Deep South" (1951) and the drama "The Red Badge of Courage" (1951) with Audie...
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