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CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS   for Oct 21, 2018
Age 46
Biography: A statuesque, six-foot-tall Brit gifted at portraying women with an icy cool exterior and a complex, fiery persona percolating underneath, former model Saffron Burrows built an early career on her innate physical beauty and quickly established that she was capable of portraying both soft corners and sharp edges. The daughter of highly political, socialist-feminist parents, as a child Burrows sold the Socialist Worker newsletter for pocket money, attended marches and rallies after school with her activist mother and stepfather, and shared her home with striking miners. Burrows was 15 when she...
LaTanya Richardson
Age 69
Biography: Tony Award-nominated actress LaTanya Richardson Jackson spent the first part of her career treading the boards before racking up dozens of TV and film credits including "100 Centre Street" (A&E Network, 2001-02), "The Fighting Temptations" (2003) and "Blue...
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Dizzy Gillespie
Deceased: Jan 06, 1993
Biography: One of the guiding figures of bebop, trumpeter Dizzy (John Burks) Gillespie took jazz to new levels of compositional sophistication. At the same time, his exuberant stage presence helped make the music accessible and made him a beloved performer. Born in...
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Andrew Scott
Age 42
Biography: To most of the world, he was Jim Moriarty on BBC's cult television series "Sherlock," but the Ireland-born Andrew Scott worked steadily in Irish and British arts for decades, able to lend his talent to stage and screen work alike. Openly gay but never...
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Hugh Dane
Deceased: May 16, 2018
Biography: Despite coming to screen acting late, American actor Hugh Dane found staying power on television, thanks, in part, to his recurring role on "The Office" (NBC, 2005-13). Born in Arizona, the actor began his career working in theater productions around Los...
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Carrie Fisher
Deceased: Dec 27, 2016
Biography: A child of Hollywood, Carrie Fisher grew up in the shadow of scandal as the daughter of Eddie Fisher, who left her mother Debbie Reynolds for best friend Elizabeth Taylor. No stranger to scandal herself later in life, Fisher was best known as Princess Leia in...
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Paula Kelly
Age 75
Biography: After studying dancing at Juilliard under legendary choreographer Martha Graham, Paula Kelly danced professionally for Graham and others before landing significant roles on Broadway as a performer and choreographer in her own right. New York wasn't the only...
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Everett McGill
Age 73
Biography: Dark featured and loomingly tall, Everett McGill was well suited to a career playing in dark, cult films. His deep-set eyes and prominent forehead were a perfect fit for Naoh, head cavemen in Jean-Jacques Annaud's "Quest For Fire." As Naoh McGill went under...
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Amber Rose
Age 35
Biography: An eye-catching beauty, Amber Rose became an instantly recognizable figure on the periphery of the R&B, hip-hop and rap worlds and whose fame seemed to stem from the fact that she was, well, famous. Born Oct. 21, 1983 in Philadelphia, PA, Amber Rose was...
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Glen Powell
Age 30
Biography: Glen Powell was an American actor who became well known to TV audiences in 2015 after he joined the cast of the horror comedy series "Scream Queens" (Fox, 2015- ). Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Powell's interest in acting began while he attended Texas...
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Kim Kardashian
Age 38
Biography: At first blush, Kim Kardashian seemed indistinguishable from any of the twenty-something actresses, models and socialites whose faces littered the pages of gossip magazines and web sites in the early millennium. Like so many of them, she had access to...
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Melora Walters
Age 58
Biography: A quirky blonde actress capable of projecting a diamond hardness or intense fragility, Melora Walters has enjoyed her best screen roles (to date) in collaboration with writer-director Paul Thomas Anderson. The actress made her first screen appearance in "Dead...
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Mark Rendall
Age 30
Biography: Mark Rendall fell into acting almost by accident when he was 10 years old. He told his parents that he would like to try acting, and they took him to audition for a touring production of the musical "Oliver." Despite his lack of training and experience, he...
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Ursula LeGuin
Deceased: Jan 22, 2018
Biography: Born and raised in Berkeley, California, Ursula K. Le Guin submitted her first story for publication in the magazine Astounding Science fiction at age 11, encouraged by her parents, an anthropologist and a writer. Le Guin earned her undergraduate degree from...
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Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman
Age 34
Biography: Born in Edmonton, Canada in 1984, Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman always knew he was destined for a career in entertainment. He landed his first modeling contract at age 16, and immediately took to the globe-trotting lifestyle that his new career afforded. Within a...
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Sasha Roiz
Age 45
Biography: Sasha Roiz was an Israeli-Canadian actor best known for his appearances in many sci-fi shows and movies, most notably starring in "Caprica" (Syfy 2010) and "Grimm" (NBC 2011-17). Roiz was born in Tel Aviv, Israel on October 21, 1973, though he grew up in...
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Nikita Mikhalkov
Age 73
Biography: Possessing an impeccable artistic pedigree, actor-writer-director Nikita Mikhalkov prospered during the Soviet era and survived the collapse of Communism, becoming his country's best-known and successful film director, not to mention a leading candidate to...
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Will Estes
Age 40
Biography: A handsome mainstay for a certain television generation, Will Estes earned three Young Artist nominations as the master of "The New Lassie" (syndicated, 1989-1992). While guesting on a slew of tween faves of the era, including "Full House" (ABC, 1987-1995),...
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Steve Cropper
Age 77
Biography: Steve Cropper produced music for multiple Hollywood productions during the course of his Hollywood career. Cropper began his entertainment career with his music featured in films like the Jan-Michael Vincent drama "Big Wednesday" (1978), "Quadrophenia" ...
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Charlotte Sullivan
Age 35
Biography: Charlotte Sullivan can trace her acting career back to when she was 12 years old. She also starred in the TV movies "The Legend of Gator Face" (1995-96), "When Innocence Is Lost" (Lifetime, 1996-97) and "The Wrong Girl" (NBC, 1998-99). Sullivan worked in...
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