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We Need to Talk About Kevin - Overview

Genre:   Drama, Thriller  
Opened: Jan 13, 2012     Run Time: 1hr 50min  
Cast: Tilda Swinton   John C Reilly  Ezra Miller   Jasper Newell        
Director: Lynne Ramsay   
Producer: Jennifer Fox   Luc Roeg   Robert Salerno  
Executive Producer: Steven Soderbergh   Paula Jalfon   Christine Langan  
We Need to Talk About Kevin: Eva is the mother of Kevin, a teenage boy who went on a murderous rampage at his high school, killing several of his classmates. Following the tragedy, Eva is overwhelmed with grief as well as guilt, and she finds herself the target of her community's anger for raising a son who is considered a monster. She moves to a smaller home, endures vandalism, tries to earn a living, and occasionally visits Kevin in prison. In an attempt to cope with this ... Read More
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7.3 star rating 7.3  on 
Rotten Tomatoes 76%  on  Rotten Tomatoes
Flixter 79%  on  Flixter
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# Weeks 1
# Total Gross $0.5M
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We Need to Talk About Kevin
Theatrical Distributor: Oscilloscope Pictures
Production Company: BBC Films
Production Company: Forward Films
Production Company: Artina Films
Production Company: LipSync Productions
Production Company: Footprint Investment Fund
Production Company: Piccadilly Pictures
Catering/Craft Services: David Dreishpoon's Gourmet Craft Service
Production Services Provider: KanZaman
Digital Grading, Sound, Visual Effects And Titles: Lip Sync Post
"We Need to Talk About Kevin" is a captivating, yet flawed film about a mother struggling to deal with the ever-growing malevolence of her psychotic adolescent ...
6 star rating 6
You have to praise "We Need To Talk About Kevin" for not wanting to go down the creepy kid horror movie route that so many recent films have gone down. By not ...