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Erasing Eden - Overview

Genre:   Drama  
Opened: Feb 24, 2017     Run Time: 1hr 30min  
Cast: Breeda Wool   Ben Rovne  Jess Adams   Suanne Spoke        
Director: Beth Dewey   
Producer: Tina Pavlides      
Not Rated
Erasing Eden: A young woman plunges her life into chaos by drinking herself into a blackout the night before her wedding, facing the ultimate soul-searching. She decides her own fate, recognizing that she has the power to make or break herself. When Eden caves into social and familial pressures to marry Chris, she had no idea she was suppressing negative feelings about marriage until the night before her wedding. The last thing Eden remembers is ripping into o... Read More
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Erasing Eden
Theatrical Distributor: Indie Rights