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Drifter - Overview

Genre:   Horror, Thriller, Suspense/Thriller  
Opened: Feb 24, 2017     Run Time: 1hr 26min  
Cast: Aria Emory   Drew Harwood  Monique Rosario   Anthony Ficco        
Director: Chris von Hoffman   
Producer: Chris von Hoffman      
Executive Producer: Gehrig Burnett Jr.      
Not Rated
Drifter: A pair of outlaw brothers are on their way to kill the man who murdered their father. However their mission takes a drastic detour when their car is hijacked causing them to take shelter in the eerie town of Deml. The brothers quickly discover the town is inhabited by a family of cannibalistic lunatics and their sadistic mayor. Now they must fight for survival to escape the town.
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Rotten Tomatoes 44%  on  Rotten Tomatoes
Flixter 33%  on  Flixter
Additional Content for Drifter
Theatrical Distributor: XLrator Media
Production Company: Green Star Films
Hollywood Reporter
By  Frank Scheck
Feb 28, 2017
Viewers would be far better off rewatching a Mad Max or Rob Zombie movie, or any episode of The Walking Dead, than paying hard-earned money to see Drifter.
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Film Journal International
By  Matt Donato
Feb 24, 2017
A cannibal thriller that runs on fumes, stuck navigating an all-too familiar genre roadmap.
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