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Genre:   Crime, Drama, Mystery  
Opened: Jul 11, 2008     Run Time: 1hr 25min  
Cast: Alexandra Paul   David Chokachi  Robyn Lively   Matthew Mahaney        
Director: Rex Piano   
Producer: Charles Arthur Berg   Sylvia Hess    
Executive Producer: Paul Colichman   Stephen P. Jarchow   Andreas Hess  
Synopsis Stacy is a high-powered South Beach lawyer who returns home when her estranged sister, Kate, is killed by an unknown assailant. Taking the investigation into her own hands, Stacy is shocked when she discovers Kate's secret online profile on a tacky dating website. Stacy weathers dangerous encounters with various men, ranging from the charismatic to the sympathetic to the downright seedy. In the process, she uncovers disturbing revelations about a... Read More
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# Weeks 1
# Total Gross $0M
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Theatrical Distributor: Regent Releasing
Production Company: Mineral Point, Lltd
Production Company: Regent Entertainment
Production Legal Services: Rosen Feig Golland & Lunn, LLP
Walla Group: LA Loops
Post-Production Services: High Technology Video
Camera Dollies Provider: Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment, Inc.
Los Angeles Times
By  Mark Olsen
Critic Rating: 2 star rating 2
Dec 11, 2012
When a single episode of your sister's TV show contains hotter action and more story structure than the movie you are in, it may be time to reboot. is strictly CTRL+ALT+delete.
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